William R. Cox Photography

Female Osprey gathering nest material on Bunche Beach, Florida at low tide
Male Snail Kite foraging along a ditch in southwest Florida
Red-shouldered Hawk vocalizing on a snag in Fort Myers, Florida
Bald Eagle perched on a pine snag near its nest in south Florida
Swallow-tailed Kite foraging in Pine Flatwoods in south Florida
Swallow-tailed Kite foraging over wet prairie in south Florida
Rough-legged Hawk in northeastern Oklahoma
Red-shouldered Hawk with a frog along a ditch in south Florida
Osprey taking nest material to its nest near Fort Myers Beach, Florida
Osprey perched at Bunche Beach in Ft. Myers, Florida
Juvenile Crested Caracara feeding on a snake at The Viera Wetlands, Florida
Snail Kite with Apple Snail in south Florida
Crested Caracara foraging in south Florida
Red shouldered Hawk - Ft. Myers, Florida
Osprey - Sanibel Island, Florida
Peregrine Falcoln with Shorebird _ Bunch Beach, Ft. Myers, Florida
Bald Eagle Pair - South Florida
Swallow-tailed Kites - Florida Panther Conservation Bank I, South Florida
Red-shouldered Hawk - Ft. Myers, Florida
Bald Eagle - southwest Florida
Juvenile Everglades Snail Kite - southwest Florida
Osprey - Captiva Island, Florida
Crested Caracara - southwest Florida
Bald Eale in Red Mangrove _ Lovers Key, Southwest. Florida
Bald Eagle with Chick - Central Florida
Bald Eagle - Central Florida
Bald Eagle " Tommy " - Lovers Key, Lee County, Florida