William R. Cox Photography

Bill Cox has been working professionally as a fisheries scientist and wildlife ecologist for 40 years. He has taught evening classes in natural sciences at the college level during this time for 11 years. He has published peer reviewed scientific papers in the natural sciences. He has been a nature photographer for 34 years and has published his work in popular and scientific journals. One of his pictures is exhibited at the University of Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and published in the Zoogoer.

For the past 23 years he has worked in Florida as a professional consulting wildlife ecologist and photographer. In addition to being a photographer Bill is a Senior Ecologist at Passarella & Associates, Inc. He has worked extensively with protected wildlife. This has included conducting baseline studies, determining population estimates, writing management plans, and conducting management of habitats for different species. Management has included prescribed burning and mechanical clearing for uplands and restoring native vegetation and hydroperiods for wetlands. An abbreviated list of wildlife species worked with include the bald eagle, red-cockaded woodpecker, crested caracara, Florida black bear, Florida panther, Florida scrub jay, Florida burrowing owl, American alligator, gopher tortoise and its commensals, and listed wading birds. His extensive education, years of experience in working with fish and wildlife, and teaching have contributed greatly to the way his photos illustrate the natural history of the subjects photographed.

Bill presently serves as chairman on the Board of Trustees for the Florida Panther Conservation Bank Endowment Trust, and recently as Honorary Committee Co-Chair on a Masters Committee at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in southwest Florida. He also has adjunct member status for graduate faculty appointment at FGCU. Bill's scientific certifications include Certified Senior Ecologist by the Ecological Society of America; Certified Professional Wetland Scientist by the Society of Wetland Scientists; Certified Fisheries Scientist by the American Fisheries Society; and Certified Wetland Delineator by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Bill is also a member of the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, the Society of Wetland Scientists and the Ecological Society of America. Bill graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Masters Degree in Aquatic Biology in 1975. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Northwestern Oklahoma State in 1970.

Bill is mostly an ecologist and nature photographer; however, he also conducts other outdoor photography such as outdoor sporting and family events, photo shoots for web sites, property documentation, etc. Bill also conducts workshops on outdoor photography, animal tracking, wildlife surveys, and provides guided birding tours.